Our Story

Adventurous, curious, and entrepreneurial, Bryan was an American living in China. While eating lunch with single-use chopsticks, Bryan asked his dining companion the question that would ultimately lead to his founding of Chopstick Art: How many chopsticks are thrown away every year in China?

Bryan Ridin'
The Chopstick Wave

The answer is startling. Billions of single-use chopsticks are consumed annually. Even more shocking is the estimated 25 million trees and bamboo plants used every year to make these chopsticks. In this waste Bryan saw an opportunity to up-cycle the discarded chopsticks into a line of home accessory products. The designs would be compelling and beautiful, and raise awareness of the negative impact of using chopsticks only once before disposal.

Our Process

We begin by collecting post-use, single-use bamboo chopsticks from restaurants.  Next we sanitize the chopsticks at extremely high temperature. The chopsticks are sorted, colored(some using natural plant dyes), and then assembled into our line of home products.

The result is Chopstick Art’s wide range of elegant, up-cycled decor for your home. Our exquisite designs pair eastern aesthetics with western conservationism to complement any decor.

Our Future

The future of single-use chopsticks and their impact on the world’s forests is unknown. We genuinely hope that increased awareness and heightened preservation will eliminate the use of disposable chopsticks. Until then, Chopstick Art will continue to provide well-designed products of enduring quality and ecological significance for you to enjoy.

Thank you for your support!